Warszawa.NET group - ghost

November 25, 2014

Sorry for the delay, had a busy weekend + I was on limited internet in the dorm due to my network card going bananas.

Things are getting sorted out, so here is finally the project we started last time.

We were building a simple Ghost Blog administration app. In the first session we got only past the authentication (for the Windows app, Windows Phone is still your homework). Nice foundation to continue development.

We used Rest Sharp to simplyfiy consuming RESTful APIs, we used MVVMLight and I that's pretty much it.

Project can be found here: Ghost-NETGrupa

Some useful links:
Json2C# - as the name implyes, it convers JSON objects to C# classes so you can use them for easy deserialization.

MVVM Light - on pluralsight - blog post from the creators of MVVM Light with link to their pluralsight course. Really awesome sources if you wanna dive a bit deeper into MVVM Light.

Hope to see you on the next session when we'll cover page navigation and try to post stuff to a dummy blog (will prepare one by that time.