Longest summer ever...

September 05, 2016

It's been a while since the last time I've posted something. Mostly because well... no real reason, I just neglected this space. It's been a long awesome summer. I've been a bit all over the place, and if I had to highlight one thing it would be finally meeting with BenJ and Madis.
Besides the awesome people and cool places, there have been two more things I focused on this summer, besides work ofc.

First thing would be my preparations for the Ironman 70.3 race in Pula. I don't think I've ever put so much effort to achieve something. Not to be the greatest, finish first or something... but just to survive the race. My definition of survive is a bit different tho. I'll be riding the bike part of the race with style. Single speed, full suspension Kona Cowan DS, ready to hit the dirt trails after the race hahaha...
And then there's the second achievement I've been chasing the whole summer. Building up speed and confidence step by step, but this time to nail something no one else did.

At this point in time, I feel like I could make a whole documentary about this spot. It's mind blowing. The first time I stood in front of it, I was too afraid to ride it. It's completely bananas, and I have no idea why someone would build something like this. Perhaps a crazy skater with suicidal tendencies... I have no idea. But it's the best quarter pipe I have ever stepped on. The transition is perfect, and once up there, the view is stunning (even tho I usually don't get to enjoy it that much, I'm busy avoiding death).
But yeah, next time I visit it, I'm airing it and getting propper clips and pics. Stay tuned for more, I'll be posting more frequently these days.