Happy new year + changes ahead!

January 10, 2015

Long time no post, I won't lie to you... I've been lazy as fuck. But time to step it up now, great things are coming in 2015. For starters I have to wrap up 3 projects to bring my semester to a nice end. After that I'll have some time to post results from ongoing development (my Intel Galileo finally starting to shine) and some Windows Phone related stuff.

Announcement to my .NET Group: I've taken testing.gorankaracic.com down, it's not accessable anymore. Hope you had fun poking around, but due to inactivity and no one connecting to it in a long time, I've taken it down. Was a fun project, thanks for participatnig :)

I'd like to end the post with "best wishes in 2015!". I had a kick ass 2015, and if I'll keep the momentum in 2015, it'll be beyond amazing. Cheers everyone!